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Israeli pressure to displace the Christians of Palestine

Lane Christians in Jerusalem, which is witnessing increasing migration of its citizens more than others

Atef Douglas - Nablus
Palestinian Christians suffer from the increasing pressure and the Organization at the hands of the Israeli occupation of pushing them to migrate in an unprecedented way in all areas of their presence in the West Bank, particularly in the city of Jerusalem, and their numbers began to decline dramatically after 2000.
According to statistics obtained by Alice to the average annual number of immigrants arrived to 600 Christians from all the Palestinian territories after 2000.
The Secretary-General of the Islamic-Christian support of Jerusalem and holy sites Hanna Issa that the occupation has persistently deportation of Palestinian Christians and other Muslims, but his focus was more on the Christians because they are less numerous.
He explained that the occupation wants to turn to a religious conflict between Jews and Muslims, as well as trying to eliminate the co-existence and religious tolerance between Christians and Muslims, in addition to the basic objective is the draining of the cities of its indigenous population of the Palestinians.
And spreads over 40 thousand Christians in the West Bank is focused a large part of them in the town of Beit Sahour, the center of the West, while living about 1250 in the Gaza Strip, and the number of Christians in Jerusalem since 2000 to about ten thousand people after he arrived Tadeddahm to about 13 thousand before that year.
Dangerous escalationHe warned Hanna and Christian leaders with the escalation of violations against Christians, which are threatening the social fabric of the Christian, and called to address the Israeli practices and strengthen their presence especially in Jerusalem.
Israel has imposed on Christians and Muslims penalties social and economic, was deprived of the "reunion" for families, especially in Jerusalem, as it has been the withdrawal of the identity of any man to marry outside of Jerusalem, "and if the child is born to a Christian family in the West Bank, Israel refuses to recognize it."
And Christians face higher penalties than others because of their numbers at least - by Ziad Hammouri director of the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights - where not more than 2% of the number of Palestinians, "Therefore, any action against them, either demolition or relocation of a size larger to them than others and receive Highlighting more ".
Said Hammouri of the island that is what makes Christians are under pressure to displace the wider ownership of land from the territory of others inside the Old City of Jerusalem.
He also said that part of the church officials are not Palestinians or Arabs, "and those who lease property of the church for many years, and part of them has bought property of churches and property of Christians," adding that this makes the risk of expropriation and displacement greater.
Israel has imposed on the Jerusalemites many kinds of taxes, the most important tax, local taxes, "property" in addition to the siege and closure imposed on the city and led to the loss of many people for their work and brought the poverty rate, including more than 70%.
He Hammouri that Israel notified the nine places in the church last year for demolition, demolished as part of the church in the Christian quarter of Old City.
And nationalIn the opinion of the Archbishop of Sebastia of the Roman Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna, the danger is that the occupation wants to turn the conflict into a religious "because he wants to show Palestine in one color and one group."
According to Atallah troubled occupation of the national defense of the Christians and Velstinithm, and thus fear of exposing the world for its crimes and violations against the Palestinians.
Israel and the exercise by the President of the National Rally Dmitry Dliani Christian Jerusalem "ethnic cleansing" against Jerusalemites especially those who are Christians, for fear of exposing the occupation and its crimes through their relations with the West.
According to Director of the way to liberation theology in Jerusalem priest Naim Ateek, this role does not rely upon a lot, because there are a lot of Western countries that are attacking Palestinian Christians, and is working to support the occupation at their expense, "but we win the favor of the world to us through a policy of consciousness that we do and our resistance the peace. "
He called Atiq global Christian leaders to take the role of the defense of Palestinian Christians and their support morally and financially to ensure their steadfastness.

Source: Al Jazeera
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