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Demonstration against Putin in Moscow

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Thousands rally in downtown Moscow denounced the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and demanded that the presidential election scheduled in March / March next free and fair election, which seeks through which Putin to return back to the Kremlin.
The demonstrators marched a car in 3000 according to the organizers and 300 according to the police for three hours on the ring road at large, causing large traffic jams, cars were decorated with ribbons and balloons and bags are white, the color of the protest movement against the regime.
This movement, called "white ring" organized via social networking on the Internet "Association of voters", a movement established by journalists and bloggers, writers and artists to coordinate demonstrations calling for democratic elections on March 4 / March.
The demonstrator called Lara Stopychena (43 years) "We want to leave party thieves and swindlers, led by Putin," in reference to the expression that has become common after the fired blogger and opposition Alexei Navala to describe the United Russia party led by Putin, who is the favorite to win the election.
The opposition leaders are trying to maintain the momentum gained by the movement of protests after tens of thousands last month in the largest demonstration ever known the country during the recent period, expressing their anger over allegations of election fraud and plans to return Putin to the Kremlin during the next election.
Organisers said they are targeting advertising to organize another protest march on Saturday, a month before the presidential election.
Since the fall months, Putin's popularity, prime minister for nearly four years, but it remains the favorite to win the next presidential election in which planned to return to the Kremlin, was forced to leave after two terms in a row (2000-2008).

Source: Agencies

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