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Exception of the Middle East, Pentagon cuts

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Said U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said on Thursday that the cuts, which affected the defense budget will not include the U.S. deployment in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.
He said Panetta told a news conference which he introduced the orientations of the budget the Pentagon for the year 2013, the reduction rate of 9% over the budget of the previous year, adding that troops land will lose 13% of the size of the move of 565 thousand men to 490 thousand from now until 2017, also will shrink the number of Marines of 201 thousand to 182 thousand men only.
The secretary said these planned reductions will not need the U.S. military to this degree of military bases on its territory.
He pointed out that President Barack Obama will ask Congress to form a committee under the Act to determine the military installations that are supposed closed on U.S. soil.
At the same time, Panetta said that the budget 2012 to protect - and in some cases increase - investments crucial to the ability of the United States to pay its strength in Asia and the Middle East, which give preference to the air force and sea to meet the challenges posed by Iran and the rising influence of China, he said.
It is noteworthy that Congress and the White House agreed last summer to reduce the general budget of the Army, worth 487 billion dollars over the next decade.

Source: Agencies

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