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Muslims are demanding the resignation of police chief of New York

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American Muslim groups called for the defense of civil rights leader's resignation

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, the center of controversy over the film is offensive to the feelings say that the real agenda of most Muslim leaders in the United States is "to penetrate the U.S. and control."
Kelly and subjected to severe criticism after reports of the film more times than has been recognized by and when he went to light a year ago, and police said he had not only displays a few times.

Kelly expressed regret for cooperation with the producers of the film "Third Jihad, a radical Islamic vision .. to America" ​​shows footage of attacks by "suicide."

View hundreds of timesThe New York Times reported on Tuesday that the film presented to the 1,400 officers over several months, as revealed by documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) - a leading organization for the defense of civil liberties - that Kelly is not fit to lead the largest and most prominent police force in the country.
He said Council Executive Director Nihad Awad said in a statement Wednesday "as the greatest leaders of the police department in the country, the actions of the inspector and his deputy, Paul Kelly Brown set the tone of relations with law enforcement, and affect Muslim Americans across the country."
The controversy erupted while Kelly - associated with close ties to the President of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg - is trying to improve strained relations between the police and the Muslim minority.

Bloomberg said to reporters on Tuesday in reference to the film that "there are misjudged strongly .. Once they discovered that it stopped him."
Said Paul Brown, a spokesman Kelly and his deputy, the film "The Third Jihad" was showing continuously on a television screen at the police station in Brooklyn, adding that the film has not been used in training courses did not offer at any time in the Police Academy.
Moreover, the police now recognize that speaking the name helped arrange an interview with the producers of the film, during which Kelly film.
Police had previously said that Kelly did not cooperate in the film industry, and the interview taken from the archive.

Brown said Wednesday that the Inspector finds the final product unpleasant and sorry for the post. Producers of the film did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

Source: Reuters

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