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UN warning of the influence of al Qaeda in Yemen

Said Jamal Bin Omar Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations to Yemen that al Qaeda has strengthened its positions in the Yemen, and saw that the Yemeni government is facing a major challenge is to re-impose its authority on several areas said they are completely out of control at the moment.
UN envoy described the situation in Yemen as worrying, stressing at the same time, determination of the United Nations to provide assistance, including the conduct of the presidential election in the atheist and the twentieth of next month.
In the field development is important, spread the Republican Guard in the city of Radaa Yemen after taken over by gunmen last week, said tribesmen that the gunmen had left the city yesterday morning after a compromise on their demands, while security sources confirmed that the withdrawal came after the army threatened to storm the city.
According to a novel source of security, the army had had given al-Qaeda, led by Tariq gold until the middle of the night of Wednesday, noting that the military stepped up its presence in the vicinity of Radaa Bertal of tanks and military vehicles and personnel carriers, in preparation for an attack on the al-Qaeda fighters, who declared a few days after occupation of the town, the establishment of "Islamic emirate".
According to the source, the al-Qaeda members had evacuated the city after it felt seriously threatened the military, especially because they were trapped from the area of ​​Amiriya completely exposed to the army.

Novel tribesHowever, the tribal elders and witnesses confirmed that the al Qaeda fighters had evacuated the city after the mediation of tribal.
According to one of the mediators, the negotiations led by Sheikh rally Elkoussy and Sheikh Abdul Karim Almekdhi - in cooperation with representatives of the seven directorates Radaa - led to an agreement to exit gold Tariq and his group from the city and its demands, and that the release of detainees in the prisons of intelligence. He stressed that the "gold Radaa left to his residence, about 30 km from the city."

They were residents of the city Radaa bullets in the air, and took to the streets to express their joy and happiness of the exit of al-Qaeda elements according to their city's population in the city.

Tariq and gold dominated the city for 11 days, is the fusion of al-Qaeda leader in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed late September / September last in an air strike targeted him in a remote eastern province of Al-Jouf.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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