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Tymoshenko is unlikely to release

Tymoshenko was arrested on charges of abuse of power in the gas contract with Russia
(Reuters - Archive)

Ruled out Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych yesterday any possibility for the release of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko said that she deserves punishment for the responsibility for signing an agreement with Russia for gas in accordance with the terms of "slave."
And called on Tymoshenko said in a statement of where Mahbsha serving prison sentences of seven years all the opposition forces to unite to defeat the "Party of Regions", which belongs to the President in the parliamentary elections in October / October.
The Tymoshenko prison last year on charges of abuse of power in a gas-brokered during its presidency of the minister in 2009 to a crisis in relations between this country of the former Soviet and the West.
The authorities say that the Ukrainian gas agreement that has cost the country a heavy price for the gas and obliged to import quantities do not need from Russian gas.
Settling of accountsAnd look to the trial and conviction of Tymoshenko as a settling of accounts between rival factions in Ukraine.
The United States and the European Union that the trial is politically motivated.
As previously commented that the Union in December / December 2011 completion of partnership agreements and the political establishment a free trade area with Ukraine to protest the imprisonment of Tymoshenko.
Despite pressure from the European Union, the judicial officials opened a new criminal investigation against Tymoshenko, who transferred from the custody of the police in Kiev to a remote prison in Kharkiv, about 500 km to the east.
Tymoshenko was a key player in street protests dubbed the "Orange Revolution" in 2004 and 2005 and Jankovic ousted the first attempt to gain access to power and enable men to return and was narrowly defeated in a runoff in February 2010.

Source: Reuters

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