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Prevent the tattoo on the phenomenon, parts of police officers Sydney

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Prevented the authorities in Sydney, Australian police officers to draw any tattoo, in whatever form, on the phenomenon, parts of their bodies, but they can draw a tattoo under their uniforms. Said Michael Corpua, Assistant Commissioner of Police, told «The Sunday Telegraph», published in Sydney: «Do you want members of the community that the person knocking on doors of homes and has a tattoo's (former boxer) Mike Tyson on his face or neck?». He continued: «a matter of professionalism, it's about discipline and how to deal decent (a police) in public». Corpua did not specify whether each holder will have the tattoo of the 16 A component of the police force in New South Wales to remove it. And may have some policemen from the holders of the long forms of tattoos on their arms to wear long sleeve shirts. The verdict comes after a month of an order to the police in the state of Victoria, the second largest state of Australia, to get rid of chin hair and beards and short hair dyed.The orders were issued to women between the police, numbering 14 thousand item, styled their hair in the form of a cake and stop styling in a pony tail. A spokesman for Police Association, Greg Davis, the police «need to restore some respect they lost over the past decade or so, and this is a good step on the path to it».
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