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Building a telescope in the depths of the Mediterranean

New telescope to detect new secrets about the universe (Reuters)

Due to the scientists to build a giant telescope length of more than 800 meters at a depth of about three kilometers below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to reveal new secrets about the universe.
Will this observatory, which worth about $ 327 million exploring the elusive particles known as Alenetrino (initial body is very much smaller than the electron and has no electric charge), a pounding earth from outer space.
It is well known that these high-energy particles usually pass through the planet without a note, but scientists hope the new telescope allows them to capture the effects that the particles and their use in observing the universe, a completely new perspective.
Bodes well for the project which is funded by the European Union to disclose new details about some of the largest global events, including what is known as the greatest Palmstar (Super Nova) and even the Big Bang theory.
It is also expected to reveal the telescope, known simply as 3M-K-Net, new phenomena are still completely undiscovered because it is impossible to detect using traditional methods to observe the sky.
Said Dr Lee Thompson, a physicist at the University of Sheffield, said that most of what we know about the universe so far picked up view of the different frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum, such as the visible spectrum and x-rays.
And the use of Alenetrinwat to study the universe completely new idea and then they will give us an entirely new perspective. There are things in outer space, we know that it throws Natrinwat but there may be things that can not be seen telescopes currently in use.
It is noteworthy that there is a small prototype of the telescope in question actually works off the southern coast of France is expected to begin work on the largest model in the next three years.
And will be installed along the threads of Almkchwet about 800 meters into the seabed at a depth of about three kilometers Bawamat suspended in water.
Because Alenetrinwat actively interact very little with any other material, so the scientists hoped to provide information on parts of the universe where light does not reach to the ground now and then may be to know more about what lies behind black holes and supernovae. It is also hoped that Alenetrinwat help scientists to find the dark matter for the first time - a foreign material that does not throw any light but is thought to constitute more than 83% of the universe.
And building a new telescope under water, which is much thicker than air, will increase scientists the opportunity to Alenetrinwat collision with the atoms in sea water. This is called the collision other particles called muons and produces a shock wave and a short flash of blue light, which can be detected Palmjdzisat.
And follow the direction of the light using the data recorded from sensors around the physicists say they will be able to identify the source of Allnerinwat and then draw a picture of the sky.
Source: The Daily Telegraph 

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