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Publication of secret recordings from the era of Kennedy

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Became available to the public the last 45 hours of recordings of White House secrecy that the U.S. back to the reign of the late President John F. Kennedy, which gives researchers a rare opportunity to see the details of recent months have taken place for good management of the president who was assassinated.

The recordings are the last part of a group containing more of 248 hours registered for the meetings and 12 hours of telephone conversations reviewed and made available to the public and researchers, respectively Presidential Library John F. Kennedy since 1993, and includes audio Kennedy is being waged against the experts with questions in areas not necessarily in his specialty.

The library said in a statement that the talks recorded in the first instance the President and were usually held in the Oval Office at the White House or Hall of the government, and imposed secrecy had not seen it until the top aide to Kennedy.

And the last part, which covers Oamitt his secret meetings held during the last three months in the Kennedy administration.

The expert said the Presidential Library Archive Maura Porter that one of these recordings conversations between Kennedy and officials informed him of the problems in Vietnam.

And hear the sound of a Kennedy asks up after listening to quite contrasting points of view of two of his top advisers went to fact-finding mission in South Vietnam "Hala Zhpettma to the same country."

Porter said that the tone that expressed disappointment in the voice of Kennedy had been quite remarkable, to listen to opposing points of view and not necessarily increased the difficulty of defining the steps to be taken on the country in Vietnam.

She said that listening to recordings, and tones and layers Kennedy voted up and down and dwell talks provides a rare view of historians, it was impossible to obtain from the records of official meetings.

Recordings also included discussions on the Kennedy election campaign of 1964 that were never Akhaddha, and on the agenda for the next week just days before his assassination in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.
The last meeting recorded in November, where Kennedy was heard to comment on the book would take him to Texas, where he traveled to Dallas the next day to his death there.

He announced for the first time the existence of these recordings in 1973, and went out into the light of which the latter group on Tuesday for the presidential library use research in Boston, will also be available on the Internet.

Source: Reuters

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