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The relationship between chemical compounds and childhood obesity

A recent scientific study revealed that exposure to the type of chemical compounds, which are found in personal care products, may be linked to the spread of obesity among children.

The study provided evidence that exposure of the child continuously for the chemical compounds may have a link with obesity wound.

Conducted by specialists from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, U.S. study - published a journal (environmental research) - have through evaluation of the relationship between exposure to compounds of chemical (known as Alfetalit) on the one hand and obesity in children on the other hand, using measurements that are used to determine the incidence of obesity .

The study included Alfetalit measure the concentration of compounds in the urine samples at about four hundred children, identifying the related measurements such as weight, body mass index, height and waist circumference.

The results indicated that 97% of the participating children were exposed to Alfetalit compounds, which are found usually in personal care products moisturisers and perfumes and cosmetics.

As well as materials that are found in packaged food tablets and pharmaceutical treatments, according to a report published by Yorick's Alert of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Evolution of nervous disorder
The results also showed a correlation between the concentration of the type of compounds in the urine calledAlfetalit (mono-ethyl Alfetalit) and values ​​of the coefficient of mass and waist circumference in children with increased weight.

In this context, explained Dr. Susan Tialbaum - associate professor in the field of preventive medicine from Mount Sinai Hospital - that previous research has shown that exposure to compounds Alfetalit may disrupt neurological development in children.

But they made the first evidence showing the possibility of a link between these compounds and obesity in children, pointing out that the study confirms the importance of reducing exposure to these compounds whenever possible.

According to some sources, is Alfetalit of industrial chemical compounds that give rise to considerable debate among specialists, as it is believed that they disrupt the endocrine systems in humans, they mimic the effects of hormones secreted by these glands. Add it to intervene in the manufacture of many plastic products such as flooring, medical instruments, materials and manufacturing food and personal care products.
Source: The Jerusalem Press
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