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Separation of supermodel Heidi Klum

Separation of supermodel Heidi Klum for the singer Seal marriage after seven years

عارضة الازياء الشهيرة هايدي كلوم وزوجها المغني البريطاني سيل في لوس انجلوس يوم 16 سبتمبر ايلول 2007. صورة من ارشيف رويترز
Separation of supermodel Heidi Klum for the singer Seal marriage after seven years

(Reuters) - plans to Heidi Klum Supermodel and TV presenter of the program (ProjectRanwaaand her husband, British singer Seal separation after marriage lasted seven years and described the couple split in a statement issued Sunday night that friendly.

The pair said in a statement: "While we enjoyed seven years of marriage immersed love, loyalty, and happiness, we are after much research we decided to break into our souls."

They added, "We took over our deepest respect for each other and we still love each other very much but our disunity."

The German-born Klum and Seal four children aged between two and seven years andmarried in 2005. The couple said that the interest of his sons at the top of their priorities.

Thank you friends and family for their support for them.

There were signs of exposure to the problems of Segthma earlier this week in the journalssites on the news of celebrities on the Internet, surprising fans of the couple who wereapparently stable relationship.

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