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Nail length of 8 cm inside the brain of man

عمق المسمار
Enables surgeons to remove a nail length of 8.25 cm from the center of the brain people from the suburbs of Chicago, beating an offer by itself.And the victim is Dante Othello (34 years) working in his workshop when the pressure displayed on a button to install the screws pistol near his head.But what was unknown to Dante that the nail entered his head, and did not feel it until the next day when he began suffering from bouts of ataxia and imbalance.Doctors said that Dante's after the screw was only millimeters from the center of the brain is very sensitive events responsible for the vital task.The Dante's fiancee, Jill Glenzer, said her fiance good spirits after the surgery to remove the screw from the head held in a hospital in Illinois.And the generation added he was "in good health, and move all his limbs, and speak normally, and remembers everything, it's a miracle."Generation has persuaded her fiance, Dante visited the hospital after he began to feel nausea and rotate through the day.And Dante was believed to have provided a gun to install nails offer his head hit the guard, but he realized later that the machine drove a nail when he touched the surface smooth.It is said that the human skull contain probes against sensitive nerve pain, but the brain itself does not contain nerve sensors or nerves.He said hospital spokesman Mike Magiw that part of the skull was removed during the operation, and replaced with a piece of metal Altetanom, amid concern from a medical possibility that the contamination may have occurred in the brain of Dante by entering the screw.
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