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Tips to enjoy the best computer games

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Said experts in the field of electronic games that can follow a number of tips to avoid problems that may face in the user's computer to run, especially with the modern games.
Experts say that the gaming world is a resort favored by many who have personal computers, but if your PC is not well developed, attempts to enjoy a game may not be easy, but it is not impossible.
This was already possible to where it was easy to use graphics cards (graphics), but that idea is no longer a pressing now as it was in the past.
He says gaming expert Tobias Arens of the Association of the "House of Com" German technological industries "has slowed down development processes, particularly with regard to graphics cards Voab personal computers enables the current practice is very well presented with two years ago.
However, games such as new "Battlefield 3 or" Wilder scrolls in the "can not exercise even using the latest graphics cards or the best and obvious, if you install those cards to copy the devices are old, and to ensure the clarity of the image in such games and practice easily and run smoothly, be the user to choose the correct settings.

Modify the settingsMany of the games contain lists of options, where you can adjust the details such as shadows and transparency effects, or field of view separately. You can do a lot with those lists, though it may seem boring task exciting and down to the correct settings, and better to know in advance the ideal settings to achieve the best benefits.
Says Daniel Hoehne, head of computer graphics, "Computer Graphics" in the Dresden University of Technology, it should disable the settings for Billabih graphics and tricks lighting, such as the effects of shading and lighting dynamic range because they consume too much memory graphics card, one of the huge obstacles to the practice of online gaming PCs personal.
"The working memory for the graphics card often have a greater impact than the potential of the graphics processor in the games."
The second problem that must be dealt with are the shadows and effects of anti-meanders that make the graphics look smooth, polished, not sharp angles, and these effects are important to ensure the appearance of people and things are smooth without those spots of light and shadow that appears distributed unequally.
Says Daniel Mulendorv of the magazine "BBC James Hardware" German "This effect seems to be limited as compared to the resources required."
It is important to be careful to retain the settings for general construction of the image "Tkschr" that control the way the emergence of surfaces and objects, the highest degree of accuracy possible.
Daniel warns Mulendorv "if they reduce the quality (set of general construction) it would seem people are not only unpleasant, but the entire picture will be ugly."

Source: German

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