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Said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights The elements of the Syrian army seized control of all the free areas of the city is always close to Damascus before withdrawing them after that, while she said the General Authority for the Syrian revolution that the total death toll shot by security on Saturday reached 95 on at least.
She spoke to the Board on the sixtieth found among the dead people in the north of the country Idleb their bodies in refrigerators National Hospital, including ten women. She referred to deaths in other regions, including six in Homs and six close to Damascus, Aleppo, and two, while the person was killed in Deir Al-Zour, and dead last in Lattakia and Hama.
The Director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman to breakaway groups from the Syrian army "seized control of all neighborhoods of the city always", which lies about 14 km from Damascus.
Said Abdul Rahman "the dissident groups took control of all the neighborhoods of the city is always on Saturday night after violent clashes with Syrian security forces."
He said the fighters retreated to their hiding places as soon as the government forces pushed to the outside always.
The security forces had shot at a demonstration, which led to five deaths and more than twenty wounded.
And Al-Jazeera correspondent in Turkey - quoting sources Syrian army free - that 23 of the elements of the army and security Syrians were killed in clashes with the dissidents around the town of Khirbat al-Ghazali of the bridge vacancy Idleb province near the border with Turkey.
For its part, said the General Authority of the revolution that the people of the Syrian city of Idleb found the bodies of the sixtieth Syrian citizens in the national hospital refrigerators.And appears on many of the dead bodies of the effects of torture, including the bodies of ten women.
The correspondent pointed to the rocket and artillery in Khirbet nut farm Adlah inflicted casualties among the civilians, as well as pointing to a massive military movements of the regular troops near the Syrian border with Turkey to prevent the exodus of Syrian civilians.He quoted the same sources that the clashes between the regular forces and dissidents also occurred in Adlah, and ambulances transported the dead and wounded from the Syrian army.

IdlebLater yesterday, the Director, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to nine officers and soldiers of the regular army and Syrian dissidents were killed in clashes near the military checkpoint in Ma'arrat Numan Idleb.
She said the local coordinating committees that the clash broke out after the defection of the military, referring to the death of an officer of the regular army and a civilian in the crossfire.
And almost simultaneously, killing 15 prisoners yesterday in the bombing of a Syrian bus on the road between Idleb and the nearby town of Jericho, while security forces were moving from one location to another.
She spoke of Syrian news agency, four explosions targeted the bus, and said that "terrorists" attacked later provided an ambulance to evacuate the injured. But Syrian activists accused of masterminding the attack system devices.
A member of the Information Office of the Council of the Revolution Syrian Omar Abu Huda said the bombing, which targeted a bus carrying Syrian security detainees, was the result of a mine placed inside the bus and not an explosive device. He added the guidance in a previous interview with Al Jazeera, the bus was carrying the bodies of detainees died under torture.

Source: Al Jazeera + and agencies

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