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Libyan army and militias tortured detainees from Ansar al-Gaddafi

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معتقلون من انصار القذافي داخل احد السجون في طرابلس
Human rights groups said Thursday that the regular army and a number of Libyan militants torturing many of the pro-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, late, and many of them were killed during their detention.And Amnesty International said that despite the promises, but the new leaders of Libya "did not achieve any progress in stopping the use of torture," Pena stopped MSF operations in Misurata's third-largest Libyan city, because of the torture.And fears were raised by the two organizations express after a senior official at the United Nations on fears that the militias composed of former rebels who helped topple the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, make up a growing security threat because they are engaged in disputes among themselves.And Amnesty International said "several detainees died after being tortured in Libya in recent weeks and months with the spread of torture and ill-treatment of suspected fighters or loyal to Gaddafi."The organization said that the London-based that members of which met the detainees held in Tripoli, Misurata and in the smaller towns Gharyan, they showed clear signs of torture they suffered in the days and weeks.Amnesty said that "the torture carried out by military and security services officially recognized in addition to the many armed militias that operate outside any legal framework."Said Donatella Rovera, an adviser at Amnesty highlights, in a statement it "is terrible that we do not see any progress to stop the use of torture."She added: "We have no knowledge of any genuine investigations in cases of torture."The detainees told Amnesty that they were beaten for hours with whips, wire and plastic hoses, chains and iron bars and wooden sticks, and subjected to electric shocks, electric wire bare.The organization said that the detainees whether the Libyans or foreigners from sub-Saharan Africa, were tortured shortly after their arrest by the militia in detention centers are formally recognized in areas such as Misurata.Misurata city, and stood in the face of a devastating siege carried out by Qaddafi's troops during the past year. After that its fighters launched a fierce attack on the city of Sirte, Gaddafi's hometown, where he was killed in October 20.Amnesty said that "many of the detainees died while being held by armed militias in the cities of Tripoli and Misurata and the surrounding areas in conditions of having been tortured."Rovira said that the issue has deteriorated because the police and the judiciary are still "not working properly" across Libya.When asked by AFP would not confirm the Libyan Justice Minister Ali Ashour benign or deny that information, but he told them that "when you reach such complaints to the Attorney General, or JAG, it will take the necessary action."He said the authorities had set up a committee to monitor prisons across the country and acknowledged that some of the prisons under the control of the militias.In a separate statement, said Medecins Sans Frontieres said it suspended its operations in Misurata, where Altdzen being "tortured and deprived of necessary health care."She said her doctors were constantly watching people who suffer from diseases and injuries due to torture during interrogation, noting that the interrogations took place "outside the detention centers."Said Christopher Stokes, the Director-General of the Organization that some officials have sought to exploit and obstruct the work of the organization in Misurata."It was to bring patients to us is the center of the investigation to provide medical care for them so they become able to continue the investigation. And this is unacceptable."He explained, "Our role is to provide health care for war casualties and prisoners of patients and not repeat the same treatment of patients between the torture sessions."And Wednesday, the Ian Martin, UN special envoy to Libya, expressed concern about the Almthleexiat which he said was beyond the control of the transitional government.Martin said the Security Council that fighting in the town of Beni Walid this week, which gave some responsibility on the pro-Gaddafi, was caused by a clash between local people and the unity of the revolutionary battalions."Although authorities have succeeded in containing the incident and other minor incidents that continue to occur across the country frequently, but there is always likely to cause an outbreak of similar violence could escalate."The Libyan authorities are seeking to integrate the new hard tens of thousands of armed men in the army and police

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