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Mate tea fight colon cancer

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Scientific study conducted in the United States on the impact of some components of the so-called "Mate Tea" in the fight against colon cancer cells.

The study carried out by researchers from the University of Illinois, U.S., that some compounds that are found in what is known as tea, "yerba mate" or "Mate" can stimulate the process of cell death in colon cancer tumors in humans.

The Tea Mate of medicinal herbs is believed to have many health benefits and is preparing a beverage hot belongs to the category of stimulants such as tea, and dates of origin of the herbs in the origin to the continent of South America, specifically Bragoae, and widespread use in a number of Arab countries like Syria and Lebanon.

A team of researchers conducted a study in the laboratory on samples of colon cancer cells in humans that have been isolated, and then subjected to treatment by acid derivatives Alcafuelaqueenik in Mate tea.

The results of experiments published in the journal "Science of Nutrition and Molecular Research food" that the increased concentration of acid derivatives Alcafuelaqueenik that were exposed colon cancer cells has led to the death of cancer cells in a process of "suicide cell" or "programmed death", which is used by When the cells it infects a large defect or damage caused by the adult can not be processed.

Kill cells
The researchers in a report published by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Environment and Consumer Sciences at the University of Illinois Aarbana on its website, they were able to identify the mechanism that has worked through these compounds to kill cells.

Where some of them by reducing the levels of molecules associated with operations of tension in the body which regulates the role of many genes affecting the process of cell suicide, through the production of important enzymes.

The researchers believe that the results of the study strongly suggest that the derivatives of compounds of caffeine in Mate tea can be an anti-cancer agents, may help in treating some diseases related to exudative reactions in the body.

However, its role may be more useful in the colon, as this part of the body plays a major role in the uptake and metabolism of compounds related to caffeine.

The study team believes that the results provide evidence supporting the existence of vital benefits of Mate tea, especially when there is reason to feel concerned about the possibility of the emergence of cancerous tumors in the colon.

Source: The Jerusalem Press

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