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Michael Jackson's doctor to demand his release

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Murray has vowed to submit to electronic monitoring in the case of release on bail (Reuters- Archive)

Asked the doctor Conrad Murray, former pop singer Michael Jackson, the late, convicted of killing him by mistake in 2009, the court released from prison pending his appeal to theprison term is four years.

Murray said that he wanted to resume his conviction on charges of manslaughter, for his release without bail, noting his agreement to submit to electronic monitoring braceletdevelop its place-mail, or any other means of control.

He also said Murray, 58-year-old that if his release from prison, plans to live with the mother of his child Nicole, until you hear the appeal, which may take a whole year.

Under Murray's death was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter after being found by a jury on the seventh of November found guilty by providing dope Jackson led to his death on June 25, 2009, and not to render aid appropriate for him, when faced bydifficulties.

Under Murray's sentence in solitary confinement, and shall be entered in the case of let him out of his prison, as was said by his lawyers.

The doctor was a former Jackson seeks to prove that the late is partly responsible for his death so as not to have to pay all the amount of compensation allocated to the Jackson family, which may reach $ 100 million.

Source: Agencies

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