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Changes in the CIA. Any. Because of any Wikileaks

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The director of U.S. intelligence, James Clapper that he will make real changes during the next five years in the intelligence services, to avoid the recurrence of leaking confidential information, as happened with the site Wikileaks.
He said Clapper, who oversees all intelligence agencies in the United States and is therefore the largest adviser to President Barack Obama in this area, that the issue of Wikileaks "terrible accident" pay the U.S. authorities to monitor changes in the media.
He said during a speech in Washington at the Center for Strategic Research International, "We must do more to protect the data, and make sure that we share with the people authorized to see it."
Clapper explained that the reforms had begun to "improve the classification and characterization and monitoring data" to follow and learn from shared, "We expect real changes and clear the next five years."
"It is a new structure designed to prevent an accident such as a new Wikileaks," a reference to the website which publish thousands of U.S. secret documents, accused of leaking U.S. soldier Bradley Manning, who was intelligence analyst in Iraq.
The Clapper The reform is aimed "at the same time to enhance security and promote the sharing of" information, saying that "if you know where to go data and with whom shared the you can go ahead," and added that this would allow the authorities to be "more quickly and effectively."
He emphasized that the goal is "to reach the optimal formula between the responsibility of sharing information and protection," adding that the Wikileaks site and increased the sensitivity of intelligence to the internal risk.
The official noted that the new measures aimed at protecting U.S. secrets, not from the enemies abroad, but also from elements within the system is not authorized to distribute cables or sensitive files U.S..
The site and the controversial WikiLeaks has started to deploy U.S. military documents in July 2010, and then detect the full Archive for the diplomatic papers in the September / September 2011, causing great embarrassment to Washington.
The soldier, Bradley Manning accused of leaking documents to the site, has issued sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of "collaborating with the enemy" If a bill before the military court in the spring.
It sparked controversy on the back of Wikileaks, is how made available to the Manning - a mere soldier - Access to all of this amount of sensitive information, raising questions about the extent to which processes data-sharing after the September 11 attacks / September 2001.
The intelligence agencies have been accused at the time of the attacks that they withheld information from each other, and if they Hatrtha freedom of the state without the attacks on New York and Washington.
This has to make confidential information available on the shared space more after these events.

Source: French

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