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Manchester win battle with north London

UAE authorities want to cooperate with outlets to cut prices of products (European)

Cell phone video surveillance solutionAnnounced the UAE Economy Minister Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri Sunday that his country would free trade 12 items in an effort to ensure the stability of the domestic market, and added that it was a cattle live and dairy products, fats and oils, honey, eggs, fruit juices, salt, yeast, animal feed, detergents and cleaning products.
The news agency quoted the minister as the UAE UAE that this resolution is intended to strengthen the competitiveness of the country's economy by addressing the monopolistic practices and cutting with the unjustified increases in prices, he said.
Mansouri said that the authorities will work with retailers to launch initiatives to reduce prices, he said, adding that it was reached on proposals to reduce the price of a commodity during the thousand year.
The UAE has identified last June prices of some 400 food items and 70 product home, as recognized by the state Gulf oil in the past in support of the prices of bread, rice, and pledged to spend $ 1.6 billion to improve infrastructure in the UAE, the least developed and increased in the pensions of military personnel by approximately 70%.
RailwayIn another context, he said, and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said yesterday that the UAE Council of Ministers approved plans and Union Railway to create a network of railways, and borrowing, including 4.7 billion dirhams(1.28 billion dollars) to finance part of the construction project.

There were no other details about the project which will be held in three phases at a distance of 1200 km and is expected to cost $ 11 billion.
The first phase will connect to the network between Habshan and Ruwais in the Western Region by the year 2013, and between the Shah and Habshan in 2014, while the second phase linking between Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali. And extend the network in the third phase to link the Northern Emirates among them.

Source: Reuters
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