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Things I do not know about the actor Johnny Depp

Of the best representatives of Hollywood, always have a special taste of his films, his roles vary because of his talents that without limits, but outside the film world there are facts that we know about Johnny Depp.

1 - before he got Johnny to the 15-year-old, he moved with his family from one state toanother and from one house to another, more than 30 times.

2 - Johnny Depp began smoking while in the 12 years of age and was soon involved indrinking alcohol and drugs.

3 - left high school to join band playing in a garage.

4 - was the guitarist in the song "Fade In-out" of the famous musical band "Oasis" wasplayed after the player the band more of a drink is no longer able to play.

5 - Johnny Depp admits that he is suffering from jealousy, which made ​​him end a lot of relationships that entered into.

6 - when he attends concerts by Oscar be a candidate for the prize money, all they care about is the time for the end of the concert so he can smoke.

7 - Johnny Depp book a room in a hotel under an assumed name, and sometimes the names of women to escape from the press and the curious.
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