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Ugandan fisherman survived miraculously from the dead after crocodile charges buttocks

نجاة صياد أوغندي من الموت بأعجوبة بعد أن التهم تمساح مؤخرته
Ugandan fisherman survived a young man from death miraculously, after being attacked by a crocodile in Lake Victoria, and the buttocks Bnhish before you can patrol freely bail him out of the jaws of the animal killer, after he launched a cry of distress.

The hunter, a young man at the age of 25 years, live in the state Motmba Namyanju,jumped into the lake to hide from police patrol charged with guarding the banned fishingby the lake, but he was surprised Pettmsah attack and erode the buttocks completely.

And Moses said, and Asonja - Chief of Police guarding the lake - The members of the patrol heard the cry of distress from the hunter after the man that bite the crocodile, which survived miraculously, thanks to its developed stage was with him between his jaws, and rushed to save him and moved in a critical condition to a nearby hospital for treatment

The new and Asonja warning to area residents, especially children, to keep away from the shores of the lake, either for bathing or fishing, especially at night, which Anthzhacrocodiles to pounce on their victims, pointing out that 7 people have died recently as a result of their exposure to attacks from crocodiles that infested the lake.
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