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Swedish woman accused of raping a neighbor's dog her dog!

امرأة سويدية تتهم كلب الجيران باغتصاب كلبتها! 
Accused a Swedish woman dog neighbors, "Kofu" raping her dog, "Teresa" and thatbitch had carried him, and had this woman filed a court against neighbors to force themto pay a fine in order to subdue the dog's "Alchortaj" means abortion, and to punishneighbors not to raise them the dog.

Neighbors, in turn, refused to categorically reject this accusation, because the "Kivu" of "literature more dogs, not Daraji do so, and the wall of the villa and it is highly possiblepassing."
To solve the problem, a group of police officers inspect the villa that is home to "Kivu", and found that it is impossible to exit from the villa, and after a long search, they found the basement of a long-drilled "Kivu" up between him and "Teresa" to do I did, and the effectthat the court sentenced the owners of dog to pay a fine of 7.000 "Crohn's" for "Kortaj" of the dog because the owners do not like her dog get pregnant is not unique.
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