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Scribble sold more than 7 thousand dollars!

خربشة تُباع بأكثر من 7 آلاف دولار!
Scribble sold the artist depicts the famous Damien Hirst shark by the blue, at a public auction was held in the British capital, for more than 7 thousand dollars.

According to British media that an unknown person bought a Scrabble given by Hearstas a gift to the taxi driver, from the public auction held by the House "Ottowerev"International auction in London, and payments for about 7450 dollars.

He wrote over a graphic Hirst shark in his own handwriting the words "wonderful diving."

It is noteworthy that the sale of Scrabble that price comes at a time when Hearst wascriticized and told that his work is not art.
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