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Application on Facebook for the declaration of war

Are amazing Facebook continually add distinctive seen by many as being of special uses, while others are seen as useless, what do you think of the application to add to your enemies on this site?

Allows the new application "EnemyGraph" you to add your enemies on your Facebook, whether they are your friends who have become enemies or other persons using the application itself.You may also through the application of the declaration of war against any product, person or company that has a presence on social networking site, once considered a person or something as an enemy, appears on the user page in the list of enemies and it will be known to users of the application.Terry Dean designed the application from the University of Texas, describes the application as being the Kafr all principles of social networking, Facebook is expected to remove the application.It is noteworthy that 3 million people had signed a petition demanding an button "I do not like" in Facebook, but the site did not respond to that request until now.Once the announcement of the application by 5 users to declare war on the film series "Twilight", with the others to declare war against the tomatoes, while one person declared war against the German author Thomas Mann, Nobel Prize winner, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail".According to Terry that when the users friends list at the beginning of the era of social networking online wondered about where the list of enemies, adding that most social networks are trying to create communication between users based on their hobbies, for example, if you prefer a band favored by another user, the site proposed to add both of you the other, but people do not meet the love of all things, where they can gather to hate something.Asked if it was possible abuse of the application, Terry said that if were not a friend with someone or do not use the application or general personal, non-famous can not put you in the list of enemies, adding that he will be monitored to make sure the application is not abused to exploit.
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