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Egyptian woman refused to return to her husband, those which are most ropes and threw the River Nile

مصر: رفضت العودة لزوجها فأوثقوها بالحبال وألقوها بنهر النيل 
Refused to marry an old rich men, but bowed to the wishes of her family, nagging and agreed to marry him, lived with him the most miserable days old and entered in the inter problems ended in divorce, but her family practiced many of the pressures on it to return to the husband to rest,

 but stubbornness was stronger this time, those which are most ropes and threw in the Nile, but the fishermen rescued before death to tell her story in the police report, Department of Ayat

The director of the Giza Security received notification from the Director of Criminal Investigation, save a group of fishermen to a woman before drowning in the River Nile Bayat, and go head detective to the place of the incident, and listened to the words of fishermen who said they saw a woman almost drowning near the bridge of Blida in the Ayat the knee-like and get these out of the water before drowning.

According to Ms., Called "Mona. P" in the investigation, which was supervised by Investigation Giza, that her family forced her to marry an old regolith despite the refusal, but the insistence of the family to enter into this marriage, making them subject to their desire and agree to marry a man more than in life much and added that the problems began to surround her life after marriage and became a life with her husband unbearable even managed to get a divorce, but her family refused this and tried topersuade them to return to it again, threatened to escape in case of pressure, which made them decide to get rid of them by documenting ropes and dumping in the River Nile, but it is a evocation fishermen who get these out before drowning.
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