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Catch a fish and bird stands defiant over a banner fishing is prohibited - Photos

طائر يصطاد سمكة ويقف متحدياً فوق لافتة ممنوع الصيد - صور
Kingfisher birds showed a clear disregard for the rules, when the camera picked up these pictures, which holds the fish beak, standing on the banner "No fishing".
The British newspaper the Daily Mail that this bird seems bold clearly is hitting the wall after catching the fish rules, and standing in defiance of the instructions on the sign.

Take this moment funny photographer Dan Mason of Bournemouth, who did not believe his eye when he saw the bird land on rioter sign.
Said Mason, who at the age of 46, he spends most of his time in a river in Wimborne, and came to Wimborne since 5 or 6 years, but he did not pick up such a funny picture of the bird rioter.

Mason said I was lucky to capture images at the right time and right place.
Mason emphasized that he saw the mark and remained in hiding for taking pictures, and actually fell kingfisher bird and then quickly returned to the water to catch fish, and returned, holding a fish in his mouth over the sign.

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