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Algerian sacrifice his daughter for his discovery of representatives of photos on her mobile phone!

جزائري يذبح ابنته لاكتشافه صور ممثلين على هاتفها المحمول! 
Senior Algerian slaughter-old daughter 16 years, having discovered the existence of photographs of some of the representatives on her mobile phone, raising anger strongly and committed his crime.

The tower shook Municipality Manaal 0.30 km east of Boumerdes, Algeria's state capital, on the impact of crime; where he found the girl's body lying in a pool of blood in the house of the family.
The newspaper "Al-Nahar" Algerian girl suffered horrific assassination, using a sharp knife and a tool by her father, who was slaughtering from vein to vein.
Said a close friend of the victim that the victim and her name "Lydia" was born February 20, 1996 m, is the second daughter to her parents separated; where she lived, accompanied by her older sister with their father, who later married and was blessed by his second wife, three sons, as gave birth to their mother from her second husband, two sons.
The newspaper quoted a neighbor as saying that the Father "b. Glorious" on the morning of the crime Friendly his wife and children to the home of her family to spend some days of spring break, and when he returned to his home by himself while the victim was her sister in the school.
She added that he had discovered on her mobile phone some pictures transmitted on adolescents among them; representatives as images Turks, Americans and some footage films, which enter the doubt in the same parent who did not hesitate to slaughter his daughter.
Algerian police began investigating the crime, after he handed the accused himself, and confessed to the crime, while the prosecutor ordered him imprisoned pending investigation for murder.
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