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Iraqi family Shaima Troy for the first time her murder mysteries in the USA

شيماء العوادي
Her killer infiltration into the house from the kitchen door and attacked her steer 8 blows with a metal rod 

I called the "Arab. Net" the dawn of Tuesday's family slain Iraqi in the United States, Shaima al-Awadi, he denied some of its members in the first meeting for them with the news media a lot of what she said newspapers and television stations U.S. derived their information, who claimed that they are friends of the family of deceased by Iraqi government decided to transfer her body at their own expense this week for burial in the tombs of the city of Najaf.
The widower of slain, the denominator Hamidi, 48 years old, that his health would not permit him getting carried away with details, because he was talking to the "Arab. Net" over the phone at a time when his house crowded with dozens of mourners, making him exhausted and unable almost to deal with questions.
The Hamidi that his wife spent a victim hater of Arabs, and said that the city of Samawa, Muthanna province in southern Iraq, including also Shaima whom he married camp for Iraqi refugees in Saudi Arabia, which ruled the age of 32 years old and left him, Fatima, Mohammed and Ali, Mary and Sarah, aged 17 and 16, 13, 12 and 8 years.
And because Hamidi felt his inability to follow-up, it gave the phone to those who said he mm with details of what happened like him and more, is the son of Aunt victim Shaima, and who saw himself her body dumped in the dining room home of the family consisting of 5 bedrooms, all on the second floor, reached Hussein al-Awadi, the house a few minutes before the arrival of the police, because of his relative being murdered. Fatal blows on the forehead, ear and back of the head Hussein said that the murderer unknown infiltration Wednesday morning from the garden of the house, which is behind the house and without a fence, broke the glass door of the kitchen in a way not out of any noise as it sounds, and then open it from the candleholder and went to the home after seeing husband deceased came out to say his car 4 of his sons to their schools, while Fatima remained in the house that went inside to search for those who kill him "out of hatred for Arabs," he said.
He Hussein's novel, he recalled that the murderer when he found Shaima in the dining room pounced upon and Aajlha metal rod, it is not yet known if a screwdriver for the screws wheels or not, was the first strikes on her forehead, followed by a second violent to her ear right, then Biiih in the back of the head, and continued directed five consecutive blows and quick in the head and shoulder collapsed, unconscious, and the impact left the place.
Because the major children were asleep and beaten and her mother was quick and the reason for their lack of awareness, it did not feel anything but when I woke up and went down to the basement, which saw Fatima and her mother unconscious and leaking bleeding fast, and hastily took her to the emergency department in a hospital died when life Saturday after the failure of doctors Basaaffha throughout the 3 days.
This rapid bleeding from the ear Shaima right hand, which seems to be the cause of her death, her body has taken over the family yesterday, "and is now in laundry, and we are waiting for the end of the transaction to transfer the body to Iraq this week," to what he said I'm her aunt. The most important was denied Hussein is the cause of harm to the great feelings of the family of deceased, that is published by the media that her husband "had worked in the past as cultural advisor to the U.S. Army Vedrb soldiers heading to the Middle East" and said that her husband Qasim is unable to work for more than 18 years, He suffered kidney failure carry a comprehensive his brothers to come from Sweden to donate one of his kidneys to live. Meeting and marriage in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia I asked him "Arab. Net" for the way that he believes in Qasim Hamidi living for his five sons and expenses of his large, and where his money he was sick and is unable to work, he replied: "Since he came to the United States, where the refugees, and social security organizations are paying the rent home and family expenses for the seat that he and his children about school junior and his wife does not work, "he said.
And Hussein Alaudaa, aged 42 years, is a taxi driver earlier Airport City of San Diego in California, is currently managing a restaurant belonging to the Supermarket famous boycott "the Kahon" adjacent to the city of residence with his wife and four children, and was before the migration to the United States as a refugee with Shaima and her husband in a refugee camp.
That the camp held by the Saudi government in the visible province Rafha northern Saudi Arabia, which was composed in 1991, more than 32 thousand fugitive from Saddam's oppression of what they called "popular uprising" that began the month of Sha'ban AH that year, and the refugee's family denominator Humaidi family Shaima al-Awadi, and in that camp the two families who remained married 4 years, and where their eldest daughter was born.
In 1995 two families immigrated to the United States with the help of U.S. agencies, and got all their U.S. citizenship, and 7 of them brothers to each Shaima lives in San Diego and its environs, and others with her mother in Texas.
The father of Shaima, he is calling for an Islamic traveling in the United States, named "Mr." noble anti-Awadi, and was on a visit to Iraq when they contacted him to Anauha him "for that will remain to receive her body at the airport, and to wash and pray with them and bury her," said Hussein, who finished the phrase voice quavering almost.

Source: Arabic
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