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Fashion high heels for men in India

Seems to be wearing high heels will not be limited to only women, began to appear in India Fashion wear high heels for men to become part of their clothes cabinets.

According to the newspaper "Times of India" began to spread high-heeled shoes for men in India, which appeared in several promotional photos of fashion. But this not-for-fashion traditional Indian citizen, but is geared toward men and children of upper-class or fired by the newspaper as "the elite of society."
Range in value per pair of shoes that between 500 and 5000 dollars, which proves that it is not already directed to the normal man in India, but to the owners of wealth.
Varied reactions of men of representatives, celebrities and designers when receivingthis fashion alien between supporters and opponents, some asserts that it is not destined to live among men in India, and others claim the opposite and they fashion will last for many years among men, and keep what we see on the ground: where fashionhas not received any huge demand for men to now.
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