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Jordanian nurses reluctant to aid a child almost choked and the mother holds the job

ممرض أردني يحجم عن إسعاف طفلة كادت تختنق والأم تتولى المهمة
The size of the nurse anesthesia technician to do their part in the ambulance if a child was suffering shortness of breath during transportation in an ambulance official, while the mother responded to the task I wrote a second life for the baby the same year and a half, after nearing death from suffocation.

Her sense of innate and fear of harm to her child taken in fulfillment and the husband of her sister through the process of ambulance blown into the mouth of the girl who took a small part of a grain of pistachio turned out to be blocked airway or almost, which is associated with the spill hot water on the girl child suffering burns of the third degree.The hospital's director of government Ramtha Dr. Qasim Meas, he was on the anesthesia technician to carry a child and being a first aid including help in breathing, a mission, not by the tasks of the patient's companion, he is in charge of the situation is not the parents.She explained her suffering mother and fulfillment explained it took the clothes off the child after exposure to burn, appeared on her lips blue, necessitated by the exit to the outdoors to be able to breathe, adding that it was after their arrival to the hospital Ramtha government was intermittent breathing child.She added: "I told the surgeon, who was called ambulance doctor that the child was eating kernels of peanuts when spilled hot water it was not developed bad, because there has been a variable breathing, but he did not care about what I said, concentrating on burning apparent on the body of the girl child".Clarify and fulfillment, saying: "I heard the nurses talking with your doctor about the need for the child of oxygen, but after learning that the secured military has developed a material similar to the ointment on the area of ​​burning and around the hospital Idunn military without being examined to breathe the child and the state of the heart and pressure."And restore the fulfillment pain moments of distress on the girl who almost died because of difficulty breathing, and said: "I continue blowing in her face and I am my sister's husband turned out to be rescued."She explained: "When we left the ambulance to the hospital, Prince Rashid Military's heart stopped the girl from work for a few minutes but the care of God and the efforts of the doctors in the emergency department and emergency back breathing again, and they filmed the lungs of the child and conducted a process of suction to a piece of pistachio to save her from the death of the investigator."Mother adds that "the case of the girl child and began to praise God and continue to improve for the fifth day in intensive care."The director of public hospitals in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ahmed Kotaitat, that the ministry form a technical committee in any case or complaint filed by the citizen, to determine if the error is a medical or caused by the failure or neglect has occurred in the hospital, then the Committee recommends that the necessary measures of sanctions provided for by the the civil service system.
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