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U.S. doctors successfully transplant the face and mouth parts of an infected gunshot wound

رتشارد نوريس
Norris spent 15 years in isolation.

Doctors say the U.S. is the most comprehensive surgery conducted face transplant.

Has been granted, which conducted the surgery at the University of Maryland RichardNorris on a new face, including the jaws and teeth and tongue.

He lived Norris, 37, in isolation from the world for 15 years after suffering serious injuriesin the shooting, and was wearing a mask when he came out of the house.

Was funded by the U.S. Navy surgery, hoping it will help those injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And having contractions after suffering a fiery Norris has his lips and his nose and his mouth was moving in a limited fashion.

The staff surgeons who conducted the operation as long as it is 36 hours.

Said Eduardo Rodriguez, chief of staff surgeons that surgery would for Norris his life.

Rodriguez added that the goal of surgery is to restore the functions of the Norris to his face and mouth shape and to be acceptable.

The team from the University of Maryland that Norris is now able to wash his teeth andshaving his beard and regained the sense of smell.

She was the first face transplant have been performed in France in 2005 to a woman who was attacked by a dog.
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