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Girl lick finger and she accuses of molesting her husband

Proceeded Saudi Arabia in the fourth decade of biting her finger on the Saudi Arabian Airlines stewardess on the ground that they harass her husband.

According to the "already", narrated a number of passengers on a flight from King Khalid Airport in Riyadh to Dubai last week, said the brawl broke out between the Saudi woman and the host of Egyptian citizenship because of jealousy over her husband, where the observed frequency of the large number of hosts on the passenger seat next to her husband. He added that passengers generally host citizenship arose claimingthat it harasses her husband for a fight break out between them has its impact on Saudi Arabia to host some finger passengers.

He added that the host of passengers filed a complaint with police against Dubai Saudi woman accused of some of the finger. Summoned as the host of airport security and asked a number of the passengers saw them to give the embarked upon by a Saudi citizen.
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