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New Zealand Police are hunting a thief stole two feathers

الشرطة النيوزيلندية تطارد لصاً سرق ريشتين
New Zealand Police are hunting a thief stole two feathers back for aged 123 years ago, a bird extinct valued in thousands of dollars from a museum.The newspaper "The Dominion Post," New Zealand for volunteer Pat Mills, as saying that Aristin plumes taken from the tail of two birds, "Hawiye" extinct stolen from a glass case at the Museum of the history of the city Daneverk (200 km north of Wellington).

And reported that Aristin stolen quotes from the pair of birds have been caught in a nearby valley in 1889 and made a couple of local marriage as a gift. Thief and the latest opening in the glass box that kept it closed with the tall museum for 25 years.
The bird was last seen alive Hoya in 1907 and sold separately feather similar to the feathers stolen in June 2010 at an auction in Auckland worth NZ $ 8,400 ($ 6,900 U.S.).It was said that the amount of time a world record price for a bird feather.
A researcher at the museum "Te Papa" at the time that the national bird of New Zealand has about 12 parties with a white feather length, each about 20 centimeters and is often used by leaders of the Maori "Hoekemat Harwood" in the decorations.
Mills said that when he visited the Duke of York, who later became King George V Britain, New Zealand in 1902, gave him a feather leaders and put them in his hat during his return to his country."All women in Britain want in one, and people pay huge sums of money and this is what led to their extinction."
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