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Car owners "SMART" are the most aggressive on the roads

صاحبات سيارات
Russia Today
An opinion poll conducted by "Naosbol" in Australia that the owners of small cars known as the "Smart Car" to show more aggressive tendencies and harshness while driving, note that most of them women.

And the relocation of "News" for David Scabnker director of public relations in the company "AAMI" Australian Insurance that girls and women with the cars, "Smart" Inclined more than white women to non-compliance with a distance of safety and uttering words of obscene and abusive language and work references related to this board in the face of other drivers.

Psychologists say that such behavior may be due to the attempt to compensate for the small size of the vehicle. You can also search for an explanation of this matter in the statistics which show that the car "Smart" often bought by young people do not have extensive experience in leadership, as they do not have money to buy cars larger and exquisite appearance.

The poll of nearly 4000 driver over the age of 18 years. Has been recognized by about 60% of the owners of cars, "smart" that they are acting inappropriately on the roads, while the total of this indicator among the owners of large cars only 30%.
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