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Video after the battle of the apartment, "Algerian" Mohamed Marah

رشاش Sten كالذي عثر عليه بشقة المراح 
France asks: Why did not arrest him alive, and where has all these weapons is out of work

Mice began to play many Bab French are not happy for the way security was handled bythe French of Algerian origin, Mohammed stages, according to the show, which was reviewed by the "Arab. Net" of French and European newspapers on Saturday, mostreverse
Sensitive questions of the French and others.

The most important questions: the French security services monitor the stages over a year ago as I said, how could the acquisition of all of these weapons that they found in his apartment? Where originally these weapons is unemployed or earns only the equivalent of a monthly $ 625 social aid? Why then was killed while a bomb was possible to arrest a single tear?
A security official French and what newspapers Chief and is linked to the investigation and admitted that the phases was not "Al Qaeda" or any other organization "does notevidence that he trained, or had links with jihadist groups the" guarantee to answer the second question explained that the phases was buying weapons on the stages "of thefunds collected from the theft of several carried out throughout the years," he said.

Variety of weapons 
رشاش Sten كالذي عثر عليه بشقة المراح 

Sten submachine guns like the one found him an apartment phases

Was estimated by the value of what they found of weapons in his apartment around 10thousand euros, almost 13 thousand dollars, which are: machine model Sten 9millimeter, and the last "Uzi" Israeli-made whole, and a third Kalashnikov, with automatic rifle missed its kind inventory, which informed them "Arab. Net" and the source of the police, in addition to 3 pistols model "Colt 45" automatic, and a pistol, "Colt 357" wound field, along with ammunition sufficient to battle of the film genre almost.

The official confirmed there is no evidence that "Al Qaeda" asked him what he did, and that the phases alleged affiliation to the "base" of the door as a "trademark" are known,and not because of them, that killed 3 French soldiers of Moroccan origin and 4 Jewsinitiated automatically and at its expense own, so he was collecting the euro above the other and steal from here and there to buy what later became "Jboukhana weapons" in the small apartment.

Phases visited Israel and arrested him in Jerusalem 
رشاش \"عوزي\" كان في شقته
Machine gun \ "Uzi \" He was in his apartment

But the security official did not provide any evidence of the purchase phases of weapons thefts, and then donate the French public prosecutor in Paris, Francois Moulin,saying to the media yesterday that the phases is the same who told police duringnegotiations that he bought with him, which was owned by easy omission. However,continued to doubt the French, particularly in terms of killing him in spite of the great potential of his detention he was still alive.

And more wondering is the Christian Proto, former commander of those killed phases, and they are the elements of the power of special intervention of the French police, whocriticized the storming of the apartment upon liquidation which, he said, proto: "It wassupposed to attack him with grenades gas tear gas to lose consciousness, but he was attacked with a large number of hand grenades which increased his fear and make itshoots heavily extraordinary security "as he put it.
مسدس \"كولت 45\"  أوتوماتيكي
Pistol \ "Colt 45 \" automatic

He remained the first question, which is more disturbing to the French, without anyanswer so far: How could buy all the phases of these weapons at a time when Frenchsecurity authorities monitor it over a year ago, and was the subject on the list of persons banned from traveling to the United States? Then from the yen has all this money to visitmany countries?
States which has had phases and toured the many already out of work since leaving his job in the former auto repair garage for Toulouse over a year ago, he visited Israel in 2010 and arrested him in possession of a knife to Jerusalem, and interrogated him.Phases also visited Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and seals all airports stamped on his passport, which found him in the apartment.

In the apartment and also found the effects of a battle that lasted 5 minutes betweenphases and between the strikers, and which were fired 300 bullets of the parties,portrayed the police everything after the hour of his death almost, as appeared in the video being "Arab. Net" effect of the bombing of the most recent to open a gap in the wall , and simple furniture appeared to be subjected to an earthquake, and the whole to kill the young man could have been easily arrested.

Source: Arabic 

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