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U.S. soldier punished for publishing hurtful Spa for Obama on Facebook

The Marine Corps has taken disciplinary action against U.S. troops in arms to publish comments on Facebook in which he said he would not carry out the orders of U.S. President Barack Obama and "go to hell."

Said Maj. Michael Armested recruitment department spokesman Marine Corps in San Diego that leadership take action against Sergeant Gary Stein for allegedly "publishing political statements by the President of the United States yet in Facebook called 'Tea Party armed forces.'"
And the withdrawal of suspension of Stein (26 years) since the Facebook page he told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he does not remember precisely, but he was part of a discussion about punishment of members of NATO and U.S. forces because of the burning of copies of the Koran in Afghanistan last month and said he said something to the effect "Obama should go to hell. will Carry out orders."
Stein explained that after his position on the Internet, saying it was intended that he would not carry out "illegal orders" for Obama. He is also the U.S. President as commander of the U.S. armed forces.
Stein considered punitive attitude taken by him to the leadership of the U.S. Marine Corps an infringement on his freedom of expression.
He defended his right to express his political opinions out of hours service when it is not wearing the uniform of the armed forces.

Source: Reuters 
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