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Adjust the network for the exchange of wives and sex group in Cairo

Egyptian police have on Friday night, to control the network elements have sex together and whose members can exchange wives with each other.

A source Giza Security Department told United Press International that the public administration to combat crimes of Arts succeeded in reaching the largest network for the exchange of wives and sex group in the number of apartments in "Engineers", south of Cairo.

The source explained that it was set the network after months of intensive investigationsand collect information and monitor the pages of members of the network on the Internet(Internet), pointing out that the founder of that network works as an accountant and lives with his wife, who works with him and shared management of the network from within theflat region of Engineers, where confessed that they carrying out these practices in more than a year and a half.

And were referred to the defendant and his wife, the Public Prosecutor to initiate judicial investigations.

The elements of a counter-literature has revealed over the last five years for a range ofnetworks, Group sex which received a rejection of conservative Egyptian society.
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