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Three recruits take turns raping a girl inside a police vehicle Dakahlia (Egypt)

ثلاثة مجندين يتناوبون اغتصاب فتاة داخل عربة شرطة بالدقهلية
The seventh day
Rotation of three recruits belonging to the General Directorate for the Investigation of Dakahlia rape of a girl not older than the second decade for more than three hours, yesterday evening, inside a vehicle belonging to one of the departments of the Directorate of Security Dakahlia, and in the morning, Thursday, took her back to her family in a village in the center of AGA, and threw the arrest of one of recruits, and they handed him over to the police station and confessed to recruit a full report on the incident.

The Major General Omar Abdel-Latif, director of security Dakahlia, has received notification from the commissioner police station AGA benefit of the receipt of a communication from the people of a village center throwing the arrest of police recruits driver Investigation Ethics Dakahlia, after he connect their daughter to her home, which in the case of severe tiredness after being raped.

The recruiter that after the establishment of the Morality Police crack down on gardens Mansoura to check the status of literature within the gardens were surprised by the presence of young men and women in the development in breach of a garden tree Durr, was arrested on a young man and left the girl, and after they arrived at the Investigation of Arts came back with two of his fellow drivers with the leaders of the Directorate of Security, and the girl they be illusory under arrest and took them to a remote area of the path of Mahalla Mansoura, and took turns to rape her until morning.

The recruiter said that the dawn of day and the girl in the intensity of fatigue to take a taxi and returned to her village, but was surprised by her family as is the patient, and they beat him and took him to a police station AGA.

And gathered a number of people of the village in front of the police station and demanded the execution of the three, as it continues to police investigations.
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