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Lindsay Lohan to end five years of judicial oversight

الممثلة الأمريكية لينزي لوهان في لوس أنجلوس الخميس (صورة لرويترز من ممثل عن وكالات الأنباء)
(Reuters) - ended American actress Lindsay Lohan has been smiling a smile of satisfaction about five years of being subject to judicial control and the judge advised her in Los Angeles that the mature and stop frequenting nightclubs.

Represented Lohan (25 years) before the court and entered the prison and the rehabilitation center several times since her arrest in 2007 on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of cocaine. I commend the young actress to end several months of community service in Los Angeles morgue and becomes subject to psychiatric treatment ordered by the court.
Said Stephanie Sautner Judge Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, citing Lohan "did everything requested of this court. The observation period ends today .. now."
And breathed Lohan, wearing a dress modest sigh of relief and hugged her lawyer.
Despite the fact that Lohan, who starred in a movie (girls evils) "Mean Girls" will continue to be subject to judicial oversight informal until 2014 because of the crime of theft committed in 2011, but it will not have to appear regularly before the court and will not be forced to stay in Los Angeles as long as she stayed away from the problems .
Before leaving the room Lohan Tribunal's judge told her "I know it's hard to inflicts on people everywhere, but this is the life you have chosen. Should you live your life in a way more mature. Though, keep frequenting the night clubs and focus on your business."
"I do not wait to see you again. Goodbye and I hope to be the best."
Lohan and left the courthouse in Los Angeles without talking to a large crowd of journalists and television reporters who were waiting.
الممثلة الأمريكية لينزي لوهان في …
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