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Anger in Morocco to invite Israeli dance festival in the eastern

راقصة اسرائيلية 
Preparing the third edition of the International Festival of Dance East, which will be held in Marrakech, Morocco, to receive the Israeli team trained supervisors of training participants to belly dancing.

It will be the Israeli dancer Simona Dzman which is producing the festival, and dance ASI Hascal Israeli fashion designer and the owner of the World School of Belly Dance Training Authority in Israel at the festival.
The site said "Hesberas" Moroccan today that Israel is preparing again this year to enter the gate of Morocco to participate for the second time in a row in the International Festival of Dance will be held in the eastern city of Marrakesh from 10 to 14 May.
According to the official site of the festival, is about 16 professor and professor of dance - including two men - will train and educate dancers of Morocco for four days, methods of belly dancing in order to compete for the best three dancers, in addition to organizing workshops especially dance and concerts at night.
The festival has raised in its second version last year in Morocco, the city's red wrath of the city youth who organized a protest in front of Hotel "Riad Mogador Agdal" after organizing the festival for the first time in Marrakech after Turkey refused to continue organizing the second edition on its territory.
Has condemned the "youth coalition" strongly normalization and official acceptance to host the "Zionists" on the territory of Morocco and to allow them to organize a number of festivals pornographic nature.
The site Moroccan that organizing such a festival in the current circumstances may anger many of the actors of civil and human rights of anti-normalization with Israel on the one hand, and raise resentment of those outs to organize any festivals, nature does not fit and circumstantial Morocco Current reject waste of money and use within the scope of immoral.
As for the prizes, he emphasized that the same site on the top three winners will join the major dance festivals at the global level in all of Las Vegas, America and Astana, Kazakhstan and Anano Sabiaduro, Italy, in addition to cash prizes are important.

Source: Yahoo Editor 
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