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Adjust the possession of cannabis and the secretary of the Libyan Minister of Planning at Cairo International Airport

مطار القاهرة الدولى 
Department of Insurance seized the passengers, headed by Major General Alaa Saad, a piece of hashish weighing 18 grams, possession of the secretary of the Libyan Minister of Planning

who is currently visiting Cairo, during inspection upon arrival to the airporttransit from Tripoli, accompanied by the Minister heading to Addis Ababa.

Secretary of the Libyan minister Anwar al-Bashir Mohammed, who works for the secretary and the Minister of Planning, Libyan, put a piece of hashish inside his socks, inan attempt to evade the inspection process and enter them, except that during theinspection of self-supervision of Brig. Ayman Abdel-Fattah found, were confiscated, andfiled a report on the incident at the request of Maj. Gen. Salah increase security directorCairo International Airport, and referral to the prosecutor's secretary to take necessary action towards him.

Source: Seventh Day 
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