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Old Tunisian eighty-year-old pregnant in the fourth month

عجوز تونسية في الثمانين من عمرها حامل في شهرها الرابع
I discovered an old Tunisian eighty-year-old that she was pregnant in the fourth month, in the rare case of its kind.

The newspaper "Sabah" Tunisia on Wednesday, said the old Tunisian eighty-year-oldturned out to be pregnant in the fourth month, in the case of a rare and wonderful.

The newspaper pointed out that the old man went to the hospital in the regional city of Sidi Bouzid (365 Klum south), and asked the doctor lowered the fetus.
They pointed to the newspaper that the doctor stopped short of landing the fetus as it isin the fourth month, and described the case of the old as a "rare and exceptional," andreturned to the "egg can disappear or appear only after 30 or 40 years."
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