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Girl kicked out of the contest "Miss Canada" because it is man!

فتاة تُطرد من مسابقة
Russia Today
Canada has seen in recent days has brought scandal to the attention of the country, local media and international, with the exclusion of one of the posts in the competition"Miss Canada" after they discovered a transsexual, which violates the rules ofparticipation in the race.

What is meant by Gina Talakova beautiful thing (23 years) who underwent the process of converting from a man sexy to a woman four years ago. The girl did not register this fact in the registration form in the competition.

He explained that they decided to keep the organizers of the competition becauseTalakova this item in her autobiography is contrary to the rules of the contest, which states that the girl must participate in that have been born female.

The Gina Talakova have succeeded in reaching the finals of the contest "MissVancouver" before a decision on preventing them from participating in the final stage of the race. It has raised the ire of fans, and demanded 28 thousand supporters Talakovato allow them to continue participating in the decision, considering the race organizers, "sexual discrimination".

For her part, Gina Talakova she was born a male but I felt feminine in the fourth year ofage and underwent the process of converting sexual when she reached the age of 19.
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