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The Daily Telegraph: disagreement between the U.S. intelligence agencies missed the chance to detect the Sept. 11 attacks

هجمات 11 سبتمبر
The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that U.S. intelligence agencies have resorted to closed hearings, to suppress information concerning the dispute between the CIA and the FBI, to prevent them from disclosing the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

During the hearing, the House of Commons, revealed David Davis, the Minister of the Conservative Party, previously, the details of an unusual show why the need to abandon the coalition government's current plans allow for secret hearings similar to the issues of intelligence, and that British courts are held.
Davis said that the American authorities had closed the issue of the American courts concerning a dispute between two businessmen and British billionaire on the establishment of an Afghan mobile network in Afghanistan in late nineties.
He claimed aristocratic British Lord Michael Cecil, and his partner Stuart Bentham, they had been deceived Ehsan Bayat on their shares in the mobile company, according to reports, U.S. intelligence agencies supported the company's Afghan hoping to be able to monitor calls that are made through the new network.
And confirms Davis that Bayat was an agent for the FBI, and may cause slowdown on the progress in the intervention network to exchanges between the FBI and CIA, and that means they were not fully functional until 2002, ie after a year of brutal terrorist attacks on the New York and Washington.
However, Davis said: "We can not say for sure that if U.S. intelligence agencies had used the telephone network Afghan rapidly, objected to the evidence in time to stop the attacks of 11/9, but it seems likely that they missed a great opportunity."
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