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"Facebook" purchased 750 patents to meet the "Yahoo"


Said social networking site to the Internet "Facebook", he had bought the patents from the company "IBM", without revealing any details regarding the transaction, did not provide "IBM" are also no details.

The announcement of the deal after about ten days of progress, "Yahoo" complaintagainst the "Facebook", accusing him of infringement on their patents, especially inregards to advertising and the protection of privacy and messages.

Has indicated "Yahoo" that "Facebook", which is preparing to put its shares in the stock market, the value may range between 75 and 100 billion dollars, ten patents usedwithout her permission.

The "Facebook" promised to defend himself "vigorously in the face of these measures are elusive," he said. Has estimated the news agency "Bloomberg" The number ofpatents, which he bought "Facebook" from the "IBM" with 750 patents related to the first class to the functioning of the network.

And sold the company, "IBM" in recent months, thousands of patents the company "Google" seeking, just like "Facebook", to strengthen its intellectual property in order toavoid problems in this area.
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