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Kim sued Cardchian lady emptied her bag on the precise

كيم كردشيان
Los Angeles (ASHA)
Cardchian said Kim, the U.S. television star, she decided to file a lawsuit against the woman, who emptied the sacks full of flour during their presence at a charity event, saying that it believes that this lady should not go unpunished, and must be accountable to did it.

She asked the U.S. TV star, saying: "What if this was something else, or was this lady carrying a weapon?, It is a scary thing."
Sources close to Cardchian it will contact the responsible authorities to inform them of its desire to bring a claim, because they recognize that it is more than serious.
According to press sources that Cardchian want to send a message so that people are free in their opinions, but they do not have to Evradwha through violence. The Cardchian said after the Lady unknown threw a quantity of flour it, and Nataatha as a "demon of fur", in reference to it in love Palmatef, she does not care for this act, but changed her mind later, and announced that they did not want to draw an indictment of the Lady at the time so as not to withdraw from the ceremony.
Asked by journalists about how to clean them, which gave them flour and return to appear in the minutes after the ceremony, she replied Cardchian, saying: "I rushed to my rescue Chris Mami ... Mami has cleaned my hair dryer ... it was all soaking wet jacket because we wanted to not appear in white, arose rinse with water .. I do not care if wet, I just want to wear, clean and accurate completion of the ceremony ... will not let that destroy us, and did not happen. "
The Cardchian expressed indifference on the red carpet at the ceremony which was held in a hotel, when an unknown young lady rushed towards it, and dropped her head on a sack of flour, while she was standing to take pictures during the announcement of her new perfume. She said she avoided Cardchian after that disappoint the hopes of the organizers of the charity event, was not willing to shed light on itself. The security men Friendly woman, who gave away flour, did not announce her name because she was not arrested because I did this.
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