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Returned to life after the announcement of his death

Escaped the yoke of Resident Asian Nasser said "46 years" after the death of the transfer by three young men to Saudi King Fahd Hospital in Tabuk, after he was found lying in a street in central neighborhoods of Tabuk in the early morning yesterday.Immediately after the arrival of a resident of the hospital began the doctor on duty to detect it and confirmed that he died after noting his heart and lungs completely from work, an attempt by a specialist doctors and a team of technicians work process recovery constant of the deceased after the hour of the declaration of death has returned his heart to work suddenly began legged life in his body again.

In a statement to the "home," explained Director of King Fahd Hospital on behalf of Hussein Jaber Alfaifi that the resident was taken to hospital by members, and after his arrival found that his heart and his lungs and blood circulation stopped completely from work but that the situation has been dealt with by taking maximum action emergency procedures and the will of God is the dominant was thanks to him and thanks to the medical team and help him return to his heart pulse again. He Alfaifi that such a case to stop heart "cardiac arrest" must be dealt with very quickly so it was not infected by the fatal brain and what happened to this patient is a rare case where he spent more time than necessary, and God's care was the dominant in this difficult situation, which and experienced medical team direct to his condition. He pointed out that the patient's condition is stable and returns to the improvement gradually recovered.
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