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Monkeys in China retaliate against the retaliation for the taxi run over one of them and the police were investigating

قردة في الصين تنتقم من سيارات الأجرة انتقاماً لدهس واحد منها والشرطة تحقق
I was shocked a small monkey taxi in southern China, killing him, then fled the driver, what was the group of monkeys, but enrolling to guard his body until the police arrive,and then proceeded to attack taxis similar in revenge for their friend who died.

The newspaper (Chaana Daily) on Monday that a taxi ran over a monkey small typeMacak in Hainan Province, on March 23 near the hotel, then fled the driver fled, and wasof a group of monkeys belong to the same species, but the advent of the mountainous area adjacent to guard the monkey dead until the police came to remove it.
He said one of the tourists that the monkeys began to attack the cars that are similar tothe taxi responsible for the killing of the monkey, hotel guards could not keep them away.
Police said they were investigating car that ran over the monkey as this type of animalsprotected under Chinese law.
The official in the Department of Wildlife Lane Goycheng Almacak The monkeys are social animals and express their feelings close to the feelings of people at the death ofone of the members of her family.
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