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The arrest of singer Bobby Brown on suspicion of his leadership the car under the influence of alcohol

Police said they arrested the singer Bobby Brown's ex-husband of singer WhitneyHouston late in Los Angeles on Monday on suspicion of driving under the influence ofalcohol.

The car was stopped Brown (43 years), while talking in his mobile phone while driving in the suburb of Reseda. Mitzi said police Sgt. Ferro Los Angeles that the police suspect that Brown was drunk and that the test proved positive for alcohol.

And took Brown to the police station and detained for a short time before his release.

It is likely that Brown went to the formal charges at a later time.

He was arrested on Brown - his marriage, which lasted from Houston in the periodbetween 1992 and 2007 - in many legal irregularities, including charges, includingassault on others, and drug possession and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Source: Reuters
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