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Video .. Put "Traler" Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 before submitting

كريستين ستيوارت 
Introduced the "Summit Antertinmant" "Traler" film Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 as a prelude to display the role of theaters on 16 November.

The events begin this part after the death of "Bella," which embodies the role ofChristine Stewart after giving birth to her baby "vampire"

 "Rinesmy", and did not find her husband, "Edward," which embodies his role, Robert Pattinson solution to return to lifeagain, only converted to the "vampire", where he injects her heart with poison appears"Bella" pale skin, eyes and lips and red.

After turning "Bella" is itself in the second part in the ultimate strength, as well as self-confidence, which increased after she became a vampire, and here begins with "Jacob" friend "Bella" favorite werewolf trying to control from a distance and protect her daughterand, following the events.

The series Twilight revenues during the high display in the whole world, reachingrevenues of the first part of Part IV, which bore the name The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 to $ 300 million, and time of ousted film revenues other films, whichcoincided with the display.

Source: Seventh Day 

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